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Students urged to seek scholarships

By Meg Dickens

The 2019-2020 school year is going by quickly.
Soon 2020 will be here, and current Johnson County High School seniors will be graduating.
Now is the time to take advantage of snowy days and apply for scholarships an advice offered by representatives from Johnson County High School on their Facebook page.
According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, approximately 69 percent of United States high school graduates enroll in college after graduation.
Johnson County High School has an exceptional graduation rate and a plethora of dual enrollment courses available to give students a head start. Apply for the “largest local scholarships” from the East Tennessee Foundation (ETF) before the February 25, 2020 deadline.
The ETF website is easy to navigate. Interested parties can look up scholarships by name or county. The ETF Common Application works for 61 separate scholarships and will narrow down which scholarships the applicant is eligible for based on his or her answers. The idea of the Common Application started as a program serving specific liberal arts colleges but has now branched out to include more than 750 different schools. All ETF applications are online except for the Tennessee Judicial Conference Fund Scholarships.
The website enabled saving, so applicants can return to the form and not be forced to finish in one sitting. Take advantage of available resources, such as guidance counselors, teachers, and mentors.
Tech-savvy students can download apps from either the Apple or Android store to help with the process. See your guidance counselor for more details and scholarship help.
For information and advice on how to apply for ETF scholarships, visit
Remember to focus on schools you would like to attend. Casting a “wide net” to improve chances can cause added, unnecessary stress.
If you believe you may be eligible for other
scholarships not specified by the ETF Common Application, contact Vice President for Scholarship Programs Beth Heller at [email protected] or Program Officer Ashley Siferd at [email protected]