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STAR LED Chairman arrested for vandalism

Gary Garoni

By Jill Penley
Freelance Writer

Getting upset and losing his temper over a closed gate followed by taking matters into his own hands did not turn out well for STAR LED Chairman Garry Garoni, who was arrested on Monday, April 30, 2018, and charged with vandalism amounting to $1,000 damage. According to Johnson County Sheriff’s deputies, Garoni could not get past a locked gate the previous Tuesday night, at the Red Tail Golf Course leading to the residence he is renting.

Garoni allegedly began to shake the gate physically, tearing it down and causing the damages. Deputies spoke with property owner Lyle Habemehl, who explained that someone had broken the main gates off of the hinges and busted the electric gate opener. Habemehl said that Garoni had tried to access the area through the call button but was unable to provide the security code to gain access. Lt. Shawn Brown went to the location of the incident to gather information such as the cost to repair, and any documents associated with the repair and replacement of the gates. Thanks to video evidence, Garoni was then identified as the vandal.

“The video also shows Garoni to do the same to another gate,” Brown said. “A female in the video is seen trying to stop Garoni but was unable to do so.”

Based on all the facts, information and video evidence, Garoni was charged with Vandalism.