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Since the boss refuses to fire the slackers, vet’s group calls on VA secretary to be fired

Today, the Center for American Homeless Veterans (CAHV, est. 1993) of Virginia is calling on President Obama to immediately fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald. The national veterans’ advocacy organization is also calling on each Member of Congress and candidate for federal office to demand McDonald’s removal.

“The inane flap on Disneyland was not the final straw; that should have come long ago. Throughout his two year tenure, recurring IG and GAO reports have exposed incompetence, malfeasance and institutional fraud rampant in the Department. He has to go.” said CAHV’s president, MAJ Brian Hampton USAR INF (ret.)

For any who doubts the scope of the problems at the VA, a recent Google search of the term “VA Scandal” returned over 26,000,000 results, including the following:

  • “Phony Wait Times At Phoenix VA leave 40 vets dead; Multitudes Nationwide”
  • “Veterans Unable to Talk to Human Beings on VA Suicide Hot Line”
  • “VA ‘Workers’ Party Down at $2,000,000 Las Vegas Convention”
  • “Senior VA Executive gets $100,000 for 60 Mile Relocation; Big Bonus Too”
  • “Convicted Armed Robber Reinstated to VA Job; Gets Back Pay”

“Why fire the slacker boss of all the slackers at the VA?” continued Hampton. “Because when incompetents are fired, the bureaucrats who were pushing back suddenly discover the incentive to do their jobs.  After the discovery was made that patients were being mistreated at the Walter Reed National Medical Center Secretary of Defense Bob Gates fired the Superintendent. The message got through that someone was in charge and presto, the institution was squared away.”

“Our tireless campaign will see that Secretary McDonald is removed and that a flamethrower for reform will replace him, the single best move to assist 22 million veterans and their families,” said Hampton.

In 2014 everyone was jumping on the bandwagon to fire then VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.  CAHV took a different tact, calling on the Secretary to fire 1,000 of the most incompetent within its 300,000 workforce within six weeks or resign himself.  Instead, disgraceful treatment for those who served continued with a new head slacker.

The Center for American Homeless Veterans announced a new addition to its website (American, a tab titled: “REAL DEAL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS FOR AMERICAN VETERANS”

The new page names the names of those who have stood up and called for Secretary McDonald to resign or be fired.  The list is headed by Senators Roy Blunt (MO-R) and David Vitter (LA-R).

With the release of this list, CAHV is launching a massive nationwide media campaign with news releases going to 100 national media outlets and over 3,000 reporters covering veterans’ affairs nationwide. The campaign will call on the public to demand that their Members of Congress and Congressional Candidates call for the resignation of the Slacker of Slackers at the VA.

The CAHV will be contacting the offices of 535 Members of Congress and hundreds of candidates for federal office to determine if they are to be added to the Champions for American Veterans list.  Any members and candidates who prominently declare that McDonald should be retained, will also be reported on a list called: “NAMBY-PAMBY LEADERS FOR KEEPING VA SCANDLE-IN-CHIEF”

Seven years ago the Government Accountability Office and VA Office of the Inspector General identified billions of dollars in waste in the Department of Veterans affairs’ procurement services. Two years later the two oversight agencies also found that the VA was losing out on billions by failing to collect on bills owed to the Department by private medical insurance companies.

Since 2012, the CAHV has brought its Veterans’ Bill of Rights (VBOR) to Congress, a call to action which focuses heavily on the billions the VA loses every year. The VBOR asks Members to conduct rather simple oversight measures which would result in billions more in available funds for the VA, at no new cost to the taxpayers. These funds could provide much needed services to millions of veterans around the nation.   Over 330 past and current Members, including 119 Members of the current Congress have affirmed their support for holding the VA accountable on this issue.

Although the Congress has shown increased interest in addressing these issues, the appalling practices continue at the VA. The CAHV will continue to pressure Congress to finally fulfill its constitutional power to conduce oversight on abuses at the VA.

Since 1993 the Center for American Homeless Veterans has advocated for good governance policies to improve the lives of veterans nationwide. The CAHV has held 196 rallies nationwide featuring speakers with expertise on the issues, including over 140 Members of Congress. Through earned media, public pressure, and face to face meetings CAHV continues to work to ensure the government will Put Vets First!