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September is Attendance Awareness Month

September is Attendance Awareness Month nationwide. A child’s school attendance, Pre-K to 12th grade, plays a crucial role in his/her success. Attendance matters for every child at every grade level. Studies show that if a child misses more than 10% of the school year, or about 17 days, he/she is less likely to do well in school. Absences, both excused and unexcused, an add up quickly:
Missing just two days a month can cause a child to be at risk of being chronically absent and in danger of falling behind academically.

Nationally, 7.5 million students are at risk academically each year because they are chronically absent. That is 135 million days of school. Absences represent lost opportunities to learn and grow from the instruction taking place in the classroom. Chronic absence is a leading, early warning indicator of academic troubles and later dropout. Research shows that by third grade, chronically absent students are less likely to read on grade level. By sixth grade, students are failing courses, and by ninth grade students are trying to drop out of high school.

The habits that a child starts in the early grades will most likely be the habits that they will have throughout the school career.

Help your child make every day count by attending school.