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Senior Center incorporates national holidays into programming

Submitted by
Meg Dickens

At the Johnson County Senior Center, staff members are constantly looking for something new and unique to feature. Each month is filled with regular activities, while other month-specific activities are sprinkled throughout the calendar. The month is halfway over, but many month-centric activities are right around the corner.

Nutrition-based activity
June 17 is all about keeping a proper diet. It is also National Eat Your Vegetables Day. To celebrate this holiday, the center will be hosting a cooking class courtesy of East Tennessee State University (ETSU). This will focus on creating healthy snacks and sharing recipes so members can reconnect.

Activity appreciation event
There are many popular activities that happen each week. One quickly growing focus is music. Now is an ideal time to look into available programming, as June 21 is National Music Day. The center currently offers a variety of musical options for those interested. These include weekly senior jams, gospel singing, karaoke day, and occasional music classes.

Bingo is one of the center’s most popular activities.
June 27 is when people throughout the United States celebrate the activity with National Bingo Day. To celebrate, the center will be sponsoring a bingo game with baked good from Food Lion and assorted prizes.

Awareness holidays
Certain national holidays offer ideal additions to spread awareness on issues that may be close to home. This month, the center is focusing on two of these: National Pink Day on June 23 and National Sunglasses Day on June 27. While the days may seem frivolous, they hold opportunities to educate while having fun.

National Pink Day can focus on anything from celebrating a color to focusing on causes affiliated with said color. The center plans to use this day to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness. Cancer Support Group Director Flo Bellamy will be visiting to share information, and staff members ask that members wear pink in solidarity of the cause.

National Sunglasses Day is all about eye protection. Many people do not realize the damage ultraviolet rays can cause. This day is a great opportunity to wear a nice pair of shades and post to social media to increase awareness.

The Johnson County Senior Center is a nonprofit organization that serves seniors 60 and older. Membership is free, and volunteers of all ages are welcome. For more visit