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Senior Center celebrates veterans in the community

Johnson County Senior Center Veteran of the Month, Larry Profitt, center of photo. Submitted photos

Submitted by
Meg Dickens

The Johnson County Senior Center had its monthly Veterans’ Cafe on February 23. Those in the service sacrifice a lot to protect the liberties of all citizens. 
As Veteran and National Executive Committee Member of the American Legion Robert Hensley explained, they are still serving the country today, long after their discharge. 
Hensley shared updates on legislation and current events revolving around veterans. Veterans received salad,
pizza, drinks, and assorted desserts, made possible by
the donor and other volunteers, including the FCE
Laurel Ladies, who helped serve and provide parts of the meal. 
This month’s updates included details of a recent coffee meeting with Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger, who is continuing her Vietnam Veteran Pinning ceremonies and plans to progress to honoring other war veterans, such as Iraq War veterans, when these ceremonies are complete.
Hensley also announced that she will speak at the American Legion meeting in Sevierville, Tennessee, this May.
In other news, a bill currently passing through official channels is working towards allowing 501C3 and 501C19 nonprofits to host for-profit bingo events to help raise money. This would include groups like American Legion posts and senior centers. 
The center chose Navy Veteran Larry Proffitt as Veteran of the Month. Proffitt currently does a lot of work for the community. In his Navy career, he worked building missiles and spent four years on the ship Cadmus. Members can nominate a veteran for this award online at His wife, Robin Proffitt, was so excited about his award that she prepared a special piece on veterans to read in his honor. 
The Johnson County Senior Center is a nonprofit organization serving seniors age 60 and above. Membership is free. Keep an eye on the center website and newsletter for more information on events, trips, and activities available. Veterans in need should reach out to Johnson County Veterans Service Officer Ralph Hutto for information on veteran affairs and how to receive help at (423) 727- 7929.