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Senate candidate visits Mountain City

Senate candidate Bill Hagerty and Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey stop for a photo before the open forum meeting at Farmers BBQ. Ramsey was Hagerty’s mentor and endorses him
for senate. Photo by Meg Dickens.

By Meg Dickens

Bill Hagerty, who announced his campaign for Lamar Alexander’s soon to be vacated seat on the Tennessee Senate, met with the people of Mountain City on Thursday, November 21, to discuss his political views. Hagerty has been visiting with Tennesseans for about three weeks now supported by former Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee Ron Ramsey, who, along with President Donald Trump, has personally endorsed the candidate.
Mountain City Police Chief Denver Church, City Mayor Kevin Parsons, and County Mayor Mike Taylor were all in attendance during Hagerty’s visit at Farmers BBQ during an open forum.
Hagerty opened the floor by going around the room, asking attendees their names and occupations, before branching off into his personal history in business and politics.
As a fourth-generation Tennessean, Hagerty describes himself as a “very conservative” businessman with an outside perspective. He is a father of four with family ties to education, farming, and the military.
Hagerty started his business career on Wall Street at age 22. Later in life, he was forced to leave a position when his father fell ill. His firm welcomed him back, promoted him, and sent him to Tokyo, Japan, before getting involved with the White House during George Bush Sr.’s administration.
Haggerty says that he is the only businessman in the running with a group of doctors. He believes his business experience will be an asset.
“President Trump told me he needs somebody who has actually been on the execution end of some of our policies. He says I’m the most articulate member of the senior administration that can talk about the threat of China,” explained Hagerty. “He wants me to join in the US Senate to help build a bridge. My goal is to come back and make a difference. Tennessee is looking to send a Christian conservative with a strong track record of working with President Trump.”
Hagerty plans to do these types of meetings every month. Any questions on his campaign can be directed to Nick Castle at (423) 967-9200 or [email protected] The Tennessee Senate election will be on November 3, 2020. All candidates must be signed up by April 2, 2020.