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Record numbers turnout for Election of a lifetime

Decision 2020

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Johnson County voters showed up in record-breaking numbers for early voting. On Election Day, a final push was unquestionable as many rushed to put in their final votes before time ran out. The 2020 election has a lot at stake both locally and nationally, and considering voter turnout, many understand the gravity of the situation. Running up to Election Day, Johnson County sent in nearly 2,000 ballots during early voting.

“Early Voting Turnout was almost 50 percent of the registered voters,” said
Administrator of Elections Cheri Lipford when asked about the election. “The Unofficial Election Results will be posted on our website once all the totals are in on Tuesday night.”

New voters in Johnson County were also on the rise as of this election, according to Lipford. Data is unclear on whether the younger generation is registering because of local or national politics. Either way, they had a say in both, which is paramount considering that one of the most prominent issues locals talk about is a lack of activities for younger people in the area.

Mountain City government changes are drastic. Other than electing a new city mayor, citizens had to elect up to two new City Council members with the possibility of replacing three of the five City Council members and is guaranteed to change a minimum of two. Altering the balance in the city government’s quorum was on the table.

On a state level, the State of Tennessee took steps to make sure everyone who wanted to vote had the opportunity. Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett announced an extension for absentee ballots. All absentee ballots from Johnson County had to be postmarked by November 3 from the Mountain City Post Office. Each area uses the specified post office to send expedited ballots.

For more information, contact the Johnson County Election Commission office or visit The Tomahawk will post the unofficial election results on and Facebook as soon as they become available.