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Prom night a success at the senior center

The dance floor was full as everyone enjoyed the evening and many reminisced about attending their prom many years ago in the high school gymnasium which is now the Johnson County Senior Center. Photos submitted.

Submitted by
Meg Dickens

This past weekend, the Johnson County Senior Center members danced the night away at the center prom. More than 100 people came out to enjoy the “Time of My Life” event despite weather issues causing a last-minute venue change from the Ridges at Deer Run to the senior center.
The venue change held special significance to some attendees. As many know, the senior center was initially the Johnson County High School gym before moving to the hill. Several attendees reported attending their high school prom in the same building. Several guests reminisced over their previous experiences.
“We had my prom here,” Jenny Dowell explained. “We did a Deep Blue Sea theme passed on from the seniors to the juniors.”
This event was made possible by the community. Johnson County Bank and Jason and Sarah Campbell helped fund the event. Volunteers showed up to help decorate. Even special guests and event staples were local, including photography by Tia Thomas, catering from JCHS Culinary, DJing by Christian Phillippi, and special guest Ms. Memphis Deanna Greer.
Center staff ran a more casual photoshoot with props as well. This took place in front of a traditional balloon arch on the center stage. Attendees held signs like “it takes time to look this good” and “my date is so lucky.”
Thanks to the Campbells, the center recognized multiple couples as prom royalty. Dr. John Payne and his wife Joan took home the official title, candy, flowers, and their official crowns and sashes.
After receiving dinner gift cards, Frank Bass and Ruth Ann Osborne, John and Betty Davis, and Claude and Deborah Poisson.
Several attendees reached out to staff to express their happiness with the event.
Overall, everyone seemed to have fun. Due to the venue change, the senior center will be holding another event at the Ridges at Deer Run in the future. Details on that event will be announced later on.
The Johnson County Senior Center is a nonprofit organization that serves seniors 60 and older. Membership is free, and volunteers of all ages are welcome.
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