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New combo store to open in Mountain City

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Rumors about a new business coming to Johnson County have been flying around in recent weeks. Now officials confirm that Mullins Real Estate and Auction is brokering a deal for a combination Family Dollar and Dollar Tree within the Mountain City limits. The deal is still being processed, but the project seems to be planned and rushing towards finalization.

“We are excited to announce that Mullins Real Estate is facilitating a contract for purchase and, if the transaction is successfully completed, it will bring our county a Family Dollar and a Dollar Tree.” Mullins Real Estate confirmed the information to the public via social media. “Mullins Real Estate and Auction is working diligently to see that the property is sold!”

Officials hope to build this new facility adjacent to Little Caesars. According to County Commissioner Eugene Campbell, that land currently has products from Roberts Family Enterprise on it despite the business only owning the strip of land directly where its building sits. These products would have to be moved if the deal goes through and the location is not changed.

During a public discussion, locals shared information that related parties have been in contact with the Register of Deeds regarding the land purchase. The Tomahawk reached out to Register of Deeds Frieda Gwinn to confirm, who discounted the information as a rumor. According to Gwinn, no one has contacted the office in regards to this sale at the time of this article.

Public opinion on the project varies. On multiple occasions, locals use voices dripping with sarcasm when discussing the current number of stores of this nature, saying it’s “exactly what we need” and that there is “one on every corner.” This announcement set off a chain of reactions varying from incredulous to pleased. Overall, the response seems to middle around neutral or mild positivity. The Dollar Tree aspect seems to be the focus of a good portion of the positivity.

To find out more about Mullins Real Estate and Auction visit To find out more information on the possible combo store, view the Dollar Tree Corporate YouTube channel.