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Mountain City democrats welcome Bredesen during Meet-and-Greet

residents for Bredesen

October 17, 2018

By Tamas Mondovics

A sizable crowd, pleased with its democratic candidate and former two-term governor, mayor, and businessman Phil Bredesen turned out in force on a chilly morning during a meet-and-greet event held last week in Mountain City.
Upon his arrival at the Mountain City Welcome Center, 716 S. Shady Street, Bredesen, who is vying for the upcoming vacant U.S. Senate seat received both cheers and lengthy applauds giving testimony to his current favored status in the race toward the fast  approaching, November 6th election.

After a few minutes chatting with those in attendance while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, Bredesen, 74, shared his well-rehearsed speech, focusing on what he deems worthy of addressing and changing. Healthcare and education on top of his list, Bredesen’s views are much welcomed by his supporters.

“I am not running to earn another title,” Bredesen said as he began his speech. “This is a huge commitment in my age, but I believe that it is important to turn things around in Washington. Our country has the potential to give its people what they need and deserve.”

Urging his supporters to do their part on Election Day and beyond, Bredesen emphasized that he feels the need as well as the desire to do the right thing by those gathered in the room.

“I want to accomplish what is best for residents of our state,” he said adding, I hope to be the best senator you have ever sent up to Washington.”

As for his top priority, Bredesen specifically addressed his take on the need to “make things work again” specifically healthcare, health education, Medicaid issues, and infrastructure. Among his supporters was Mountain City resident Harold Thornquest who did not hesitate to share his thoughts on the candidate when he said,” Phil Bredesen’s values are what the people of Tennessee want. That is why I am here showing my support.”

To reach the finish line, Bredesen is running under the motto “Tested and Trusted,” reportedly spent his career working in the public and private sectors.  As former Governor, Bredesen is proud of and, relying on his experience that he says will be necessary to start working across party lines to fix the mess he says is in Washington and to “bring common-sense back to our government.”

“I love the people of our state of Tennessee,” he said. “We need and deserve something better than we’re getting from Washington right now. And we need and deserve a senator who can make that happen.”

While Bredesen enjoyed a warm reception by a group of clearly excited Mountain City and surrounding area residents, it was not without some opposition, thanks to a pair of he cklers hoping to take the warmth out of the visit on a seasonably cold morning.  The Bredesen campaign is open to all who wants to join at