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Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center battles COVID outbreak

Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center has reported 64 residents and 36 staff with positive COVID-19 infections. Photo by Tamas Mondovics

By Tamas Mondovics

An alarming report spread like wildfire last week, confirming a significant outbreak of COVID-19 cases at Signature HealthCARE’s Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center. Officials and area residents began taking note of the rising numbers one week ago when the TN Department of Health posted the report of 32 residents, and 15 staff members tested positive for COVID.

By the end of the week (10/31), the numbers more than doubled, prompting Signature HealthCARE officials to provide a press release and a statement on the grim statistics not only locally but at many of its facilities. 

“Over the past several months, Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center has taken a proactive and aggressive approach against the Coronavirus and its related illness, COVID-19,” the release read. While we have been grateful that our facility has not had any positive resident cases for these past several months, we are prepared as Mountain City Care & Rehab Center now confirms some positive cases.”

It is noteworthy that the actual number of positive COVID cases at MCCR as of writing this article reached 64 residents and 36 staff infected; much more than just “some positive cases.” Officials also noted that the trend of increasing case count is widespread.   

“As a result of our current resident cases and for the utmost safety and care for all, Mountain City Care & Rehabilitation Center has created a specialized COVID unit, which Signature HealthCARE has created in almost 4-dozen of its facilities nationwide with the acknowledgment of the CDC.”

The release stated that “the COVID unit will be isolated with barrier systems in place, separating itself from the rest of the facility, with separate supplies, food, its own entrance, and dedicated staff who work on the COVID unit only. Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided and worn per CDC guidelines. Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center has consulted with Infectious Disease physician and nurse consultants about this transition. If at any time a physician determines a resident needs a higher level of care, they will be treated at one of our partnering hospitals.”

MCCR promises its continued effort to fight the spread and take every precaution possible while following the CDC’s strict guidelines and other controlling government agencies. In its release to the Tomahawk Newspaper last week, MCCR stated, “In this fight, we also ask that our community remain vigilant about this virus as well. We are in this fight together, and it is imperative that our community observe the social distancing guidelines and the wearing of masks within our communities to help contain the spread of this virus to our loved ones. We would like to say, “THANK YOU” for all of the positive cards, emails, lunches, snacks, gifts, and other items the community has sent to our facility. Please keep them coming. All are noticed and greatly appreciated by residents and our staff.”

For more information about Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center, 919 Medical Park Drive, please visit or call (423) 727-7800.