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Mountain City Animal Shelter cages emptied

Animal Control Officer Mandy Neylon spends time with shelter dog Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue is one of many shelter pets that Neylon has helped transport or adopt out. Submitted photo.

By Meg Dickens

Animal Control Officer Mandy Neylon announced the news that the Mountain City Animal Shelter was temporarily empty on Thursday, April 2. All of the former residents were either adopted or on transport to another rescue. Animal shelters are the type of organization that tugs at people’s heartstrings, and this is especially true for Neylon, who rescued five pets from the town shelter during her time there.

Neylon worked as a veterinarian technician and with the Human Society in Ohio before moving to Johnson County in 2015. Now she stays busy caring for shelter animals and maintaining the shelter building. Neylon’s normal routine is to feed, clean, and then give meds to animals in the shelter. Inbetween animal care, she patrols town for any strays, checks on outside animals, helps owners find missing pets, and assists the Mountain City Police Department with animal-related cases. There are also special occasions that differ from the normal routine like vet day.

“I’ve always had an animal background,” Neylon explained. “I had just moved here six months ago when I saw the job ad in the paper. I love it here.”

Currently, Neylon is working on a pet project involving animals in need. Neylon joined forces with Garden Barn to set up a pet pantry.  To make this possible, Mountain City Animal Shelter started an account at the Garden Barn that will supply needy pet owners with pet food.  Neylon can deliver pet food to people in city limits, or they can come to the shelter to pick it up. The new pet pantry is still in its early stages and is dependent on donations. Anyone interested in helping provide food for animals can donate to the fund via Garden Barn with a credit card or check.

The Mountain City Animal Shelter is still open, and Neylon is still operating as she normally would. The Mountain City Animal Shelter is located at 901 Tobacco Road in Mountain City. For more information, contact the shelter at (423) 727-7880.