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MCPD gets new wheels

Isaac Stewart

Mountain City’s Police Department just got better, thanks to the addition of three new vehicles to its arsenal.
“We have one now, and two more are on the way,” said Mountain City Chief of Police, Joey Norris.
Norris emphasized that “officers will now be better able to perform specific tasks on duty and better protect and serve the community.
The new car models are 2021 Ford Explorers that come with all the standard bells and whistles while adding new ones and improving some.
All three vehicles come with dash cams that record constantly, and bigger trunk space allows more supplies to be stored for use in the field.
The gun holding sites, previously mounted to the roof inside the car, are now in between the front seats, allowing for easier and faster access. The guns’ locks are more secure, only being released with a button push from an officer.
But there is more under the hood. The vehicles are equipped with a special engine mode called Pursuit Mode. The feature is made specifically for law enforcement in an aggressive driving situation.
According to, the vehicle detects aggressive changes in brake line pressure, deceleration, and lateral acceleration rates and quickly optimizes itself to allow such maneuvers to be performed easier.
Pursuit Mode will enable officers to respond to emergencies sooner, chase suspects more efficiently, and grab a donut faster than ever.
LED lights have been placed on all sides of the vehicles, the lights in front being mounted, brush guard. The LEDs allow the cars to be seen better and from farther. The increased number of lights also gives better visibility at a scene for the officers.
The PA system, formerly mounted on the front of the car, is now installed inside, under the hood. A front and rear radar is also equipped on the vehicle.
Another bonus is the long-distance startup. An officer can remotely start his vehicle using GPS, allowing the car to be ready for action faster. It also lets an officer be greeted by a toasty car on a cold day. And Mountain City’s officers deserve no less.
Please visit the Mountain City Police Department on its Facebook page for more information.