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Mast becomes JC commission chairman

Scott Mast takes over as chairman after being elected through a unanimous vote. Photo by Meg Dickens.

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Johnson County Commission Chairman Rick Snyder announced his term was nearly over during the August commission meeting. Snyder has held the position for “the last couple of years” but revealed he did not wish to be re-elected at this time. Officials took the time between meetings to ruminate on a new leader. The Commissioners voted unanimously to elect District 2 Commissioner Scott Mast as chairman during the Thursday, September 17 commission meeting.

Mast grew up on his family’s farm in Forge Creek. He is a lifelong member of Johnson County and has many ties to the community, including his work at Forge Creek Community Center and deaconship at Nelson Chapel Baptist Church. His motivation is “ to see Johnson County flourish,” and enjoy the area’s beauty.

“I was elected to serve the residents of Johnson County and want the residents to know I’m here for them and have their best interests at heart,” Mast said.

Mast stepped into Johnson County local government as a commissioner from 1998 to 2002 but left the commission when representative numbers were cut nearly in half. He returned to the commission in 2014 and has kept the office ever since. Mast is on his third term as District Two County Commissioner.

Family is the biggest influence in Mast’s life. He learned from his parents’ influence to be “dependable and a man that keeps his word” and continues to grow with his wife Rhonda and daughter Sally. Mast hopes to make Johnson County a place where families can put down roots that last generations while maintaining a “good living.”

“I want to find a way for our children and grandchildren to earn a good living here,” Mast explained when asked about his goals for this position. “Too many of the younger folks are forced to move away for work. I want to watch my grandchildren plant their roots here like I did.”

A “good living” does not necessarily mean college, as Mast points out. There are career opportunities in the technical and trade fields. Mast himself is a Project Engineer at Phoenix Medical. He credits a strong work ethic as a stepping stone to success.

The Johnson County Commission meets the third Thursday of each month in the upper courtroom of the Johnson County Courthouse. Find out more about county government and proceedings at