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Local Pastor speaks at State Capital

Dyson Grove Baptist Church Pastor Leonard Fletcher, left, and Scotty Campbell, pose with members of the Tennessee Independent Baptists for Religious Liberty recently at the Tennessee State Capitol. Submitted photo

By Teresa P. Crowder
Freelance Writer

Pastor Leonard Fletcher of Dyson Grove Baptist Church was invited to speak at the Tennessee State Capital last week as part of the program of the annual Tennessee Independent Baptists For Religious Liberty conference. A founding member of this group, Fletcher, was asked by other pastors to speak at this year’s conference.
“I was chosen because I represented East Tennessee. I have pastored the Dyson Grove Baptist Church for 29 years and evangelistic work covering 10 different states and music and songwriting that has gone across the nation and even in other countries,” said Fletcher.
The Tennessee Independent Baptists for Religious Liberty was formed by
a small group of pastors
who met in Maryville,
Tennessee, in 2018 to
discuss the formation of a group that would give churches and Christians across the state a voice in Nashville, TN, with our lawmakers.
Fletcher and 8 other pastors from the state began the journey of forming the group, which is now registered as a lobbying group as required by law.
Fletcher served for the first 5 years on the steering committee, assisting in the effort to help make decisions on how best to grow the organization’s effort and represent pastors and churches all over the state.
The Executive Director is a Nashville native, Aaron Snodderly has extensive experience in campaigns and political issues affecting us.
This group is solely supported by churches through their giving.
This conference takes place each year In February, and it includes Pastors and Christians Day on Capitol Hill, “This is where Christians and Pastors go and meet the lawmakers, encourage them, and in the case of those who allow, we will pray with them. This year
Scotty Campbell received us into his office, and we had a very good time encouraging him and presenting information on pending bills of interest to churches,” Fletcher said.
The conference featured Dr. Clarence Sexton, Pastor of the Temple Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN as the keynote speaker. Dr. Sexton founded and presided at Crown College in Powell, TN. He is
also an author and hosts the TV show Faith For The Family, broadcast locally on WLFG.
Dr. Sexton preached at Fred Trump’s funeral, brother to President Donald Trump. The South Haven Baptist Church and Christian School in Nashville, TN, provided the music. There were an estimated
500 people in attendance at this conference from all
over the state, with many from our region. There were also over 20 lawmakers in attendance.
Speakers included Lt. Governor Randy McNally and Speaker Of The House Cameron Sexton.
It was a tremendous experience getting to know the lawmakers and realizing that we have been blessed in our state with many who love the state and are working hard for the betterment of us all,” Fletcher said.
For more information on The Tennessee Independent Baptists for Religious Liberty, visit