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Local government asks for community input

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

When asked about what Johnson County or Mountain City needs, locals always have a list of ideas. Now is the time to let opinions be known. The Town of Mountain City and Johnson County are offering a Parks and Recreation survey as part of their five-year plan. According to City Mayor Jerry Jordan, this is a proverbial “wishlist” of what the community needs.

“This is a great opportunity for our communities to provide input into what they envision for our current and possible future parks, recreation facilities, and programs,” said Alderman Dustin Shearin. “ I have often heard people say over the years that we don’t have anything for our kids to do here. Well, here is the chance for everyone to share ideas that they may like to see here in the County and/or Town. It could really grow our community and open up grants for the future.”

This survey gives the community a say in how to increase opportunities in the area “if/when funding may become available.” Within the survey, officials ask for information on current facilities too. Questions include how often locals use the facilities, how accessible they are, how satisfied people are, and what type of activities people do there.

The survey is an essential part of the five-year plan, which is a qualifying factor for particular grants. City Recorder Sheila Shaw specifically mentioned the LPRF (Local Parks and Recreation Fund) grant the city applied for to restore local tennis courts as one of these grants.

“I want to encourage people to take the survey,” said Mayor Jordan. “It’s a four-page survey. I’ve had people approach me about wanting to get more facilities for travel ball and have sporting events, which bring tournaments and revenue.”

Anyone interested in completing this survey can find the link on the Johnson County Government Facebook page (@jocotngovernment) or here. Paper copies are available at both City Hall and The Johnson County Mayor’s Office. All surveys must be in by January 15, 2021.