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Local business gives thanks by giving back to community

By Teresa Crowder
Freelance Writer

In a nation worn out from the negativity of some of its people, the dire effects of the Covid-19 virus, the hurt and wounded both spiritually and physically thirst for healing, praise, and thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is not just a holiday. It is a way of life. Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary offers a few definitions of thanksgiving; a public acknowledgment or expression of divine goodness, the act of giving thanks, and a prayer expressing gratitude.
Working behind the scenes are those who combine all those meanings in their inner service to God and outward service to others while working to be content and thankful for all.
With their Extra Mile Ministry working in conjunction with the Johnson County Senior Center and the Johnson County Community Center, Danny Herman Trucking annually provides a free Thanksgiving meal to anyone in the county on Thanksgiving Day. This event will take place at the Johnson County Senior Center on Thursday, November 25, 2021.
Many in the community will be fed by means of the drive-thru option from 11 to 12:30 p.m., not to mention deliveries throughout the county.
Phone calls have been received to make sure deliveries to those in need and anticipation for those to come have been prepared and planned for this day.
The Extra Mile Ministry is funded by Danny Herman Trucking, the company, and through its drivers and employees here in Johnson County and across the country at its other locations.
Employees have the option to tithe through their paycheck to contribute to this ministry and its contributions to others.
“Joe Herman began this ministry in 2016 to serve God in other ways besides just trucking”, said Joe’s daughter Priscilla Herman Brown.
Linda Cole, Tim Horn, Clint Robinson, and Priscilla actively begin the process in September each year and help from Flo Bellamy, Kathy Motsinger, and numerous volunteers.
“It’s been a walk, then run type thing,” said Brown. “The first year we fed about 350 people, last year we provided meals to over 1000, it’s a big team effort. Something that is really is cool is how people in the community want to take care of one another. We will have many people call and ask for a meal to be delivered to someone they know who needs it. We always worry we won’t have enough food, last year we ordered enough for 825 people, and somehow we fed over 1,000, so don’t tell me we don’t have a God”, Brown said.
Johnson County has much to offer in its services to others. There is something special about a small town in the mountains as many strive to be content and thankful for the offerings granted each day.
Therefore, thanks and giving is more of a life of gratitude to God daily, and not just on holiday in November.