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Litter conversation spawning success

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Johnson County turned its words into action during the April 10 Countywide Litter Clean-Up. After a long process of discussion, people all around the area stepped up to clean local roads, including some well-known community members such as County Mayor Mike Taylor, former County Mayor Dick Grayson, and activist Dennis Shekinah.

Reportedly, volunteers cleaned up more than 800 pounds of trash on Big Dry Run alone. They found fun ways to pass the time while beautifying the area, such as learning more about their surroundings.

“On my journey along the roads close to my house, I found Natural Lite beer was the overwhelming favorite beer of beer drinkers who dispose of cans in the ditch line and roadside,” Grayson noted.

Litter Chicks JoEllyn Smith and Emme Cob “helped get the ball rolling” on increased litter control with their work and spreading awareness. Now people are getting involved and the county is working towards improvements. Locals are currently trying to decide on a location for the organization TheirPlanet’s upcoming litter clean-up on April 22.