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Jr. Longhorns Celebrate Homecoming

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Paul McEwen Stadium was a very special place to be Saturday for some pretty special people. The Junior Longhorn Leagues celebrated Homecoming, and it was a great turnout for the youngest Longhorns and cheerleaders.
The stadium was packed with parents and other family members along with a few JCHS cheerleaders and football players to watch some good football and honor these precious Jr. football players and cheerleaders who have played hard all season and have improved in every game, which was evident for all who attended the Homecoming festivities and games.
The cheerleaders have also grown; they started a little timid and nervous and concluded the season fearless and yelling on their favorite team.
The cheerleaders were escorted onto the field with a tiara on their heads, along with a homecoming sash, a flower in their hand, and arm in arm with a Jr. Longhorn football player. The crowd loved seeing all the players and cheerleaders being honored. There may have been a few happy tears as well by some family members in the stands.
The Jr. Longhorns came out and did their job and played well. The Mighty Mites were the big winners for the day, with a 14-6 win over Cloudland.
The Grass Cutters lost 6-34 but were all smiles when walking off the field, knowing they did their best.
The Jr.PeeWee also took
a loss for the day, but all
had fun playing on the
field. The PeeWee team played so well and worked so hard, and barely lost to Cloudland with a close score of 32-33.
As far as director Chassis Timbs, she is pleased with Homecoming Day, “We as a board are so proud of the support and dedication we got during the weeks to make this possible.” said Chassis Timbs. She added, “our kids had fun this season no matter what the score said.
I want these kids to enjoy their childhood and remember the best days and more to come.”
The Jr. Longhorn season will end next Saturday at home, so the community is welcome to cheer on the youngest Longhorns.