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Johnson County Schools release COVID-19 plan

Staff Note: Johnson County Schools are currently reacting under Level 3 protocol. Students can go to Mountain City Elementary for a free meal between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM. See more details on the Johnson County, Tennessee Department of Education’s Facebook page.

Level 1
In a Level I response mode, there are no COVID 19 cases are confirmed in Johnson County. No students or staff members have been diagnosed with the virus. We will focus on the following actions to ensure staff and students are safe:

1. Maintain rigorous cleaning program within the schools and on buses

2. Continue to educate staff and students on safe health practices
       a. Wash hands for 20 seconds with water and soap
       b. Cough/sneeze into a tissue and throw into trashcan
       c. Avoid travel — especially to areas where the contagion is more likely
       d. Avoid use of water fountains
       e. Avoid sharing of any equipment such as band instruments, balls, play center toys, etc.
       f . Sterilize playground and gym equipment
      , g. Sterilize weightlifting equipment
       h. Stop sharing food or drinks
       i. Avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with your hand
        j. Avoid sharing personal items (phones, clothing, hats, pens, etc.)
       k. Use hand sanitizer and wipes frequently

3. Keep staff, students, and community informed through our website (

4. Encourage a “no personal contact” policy in schools which include the following:
     a. No shaking of hands
   b. No fist bumps
   c. No hugging or close contact

5. Keep interior doors open when possible to help eliminate unhealthy hard surface contact

6. Require those who are sick to stay home

7. Limit visitors in the schools

8. Avoid any future trips with a no-refund policy in case we need to cancel

9. Consider postponing or cancelling before/after school activities and meetings

Level II
A Level II response occurs when the first case of COVID19 is confirmed in Johnson County that is not a student or staff member. We will focus on the following actions to ensure staff and students are safe:

1. Continue with all Level I responses

2. Excuse medically fragile students/staff from mandatory attendance with doctor’s note

3. Cancel all non-essential meetings after or before school

4. Stop self-serve lunch options in school cafeteria — more pre-packaged food options

5. Limit participation to only essential personnel in meetings that are necessary

6. Consider all trips and determine value vs. potential threat

7. Cancel trips to areas where COVID 19 is prevalent

8. Discontinue homebound services

9. Limit admittance to schools to only essential visitors/volunteers

10. Cancel any community programs using the facilities

11. Suspend truancy and attendance requirements with doctor’s note

12. Suspend attendance incentives which may encourage sick students to attend school 
 a. No perfect attendance (recognize those with perfect attendance to date)
b. No extra points for perfect attendance

13. Ask traveling staff/students/parents to consult medical professional before returning to school

14. Require strict requirements for new students enrolling in our district

15. Evaluate all summer programming to determine value vs. threat

Level III
A Level III response occurs when the first case of COVID 19 is confirmed in a Johnson County student or staff member or when suggested through CDC guidance or guidance from local health providers. We will focus on the following actions to ensure staff and students are safe:

1. Continue with Level I and Level II responses

2. Close school for recommended period of time

3. Discontinue all athletic activities (both practice and games) during the school closure

4. Discontinue all extracurricular programming during the school closure
5. Discontinue all student travel and field trips (no new field trips should be planned during this time, for the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic we will not have any field trips until at least May 1st)

6. Attempt remote instruction to students in grades 2-12. Online resources for all grades will be shared through our web-site and social media outlets

7. Discontinue or alter special programs
a. Discontinue extended school programming during the closure
b. Consider rescheduling prom
c. Alter graduation ceremony — quicker program/no personal contact

8. Allow custodial staff to report for cleaning and disinfecting (clean one week after we dismiss and one week before students return to school)

9. Consider remote feeding of students if possible (food will be dispersed from the MCE kitchen)

10. Central Office, Maintenance, Security, Central Cafeteria, Custodians, School Administrators, and Bookkeepers will work a staggered work schedule.

11. ALL employees are expected to check email daily and respond to emails in a timely manner.

Level IV
A Level IV response occurs when multiple cases of COVID 19 are confirmed in Johnson County and it is no longer safe for staff or students to report. We will focus on the following actions to ensure staff and students are safe:

1. Continue with Level I, II and III responses

2. Close central office and work remotely

3. Allow 12-month staff to work (voluntary) to perform specific jobs if they can’t work remotely

4. Limit, cancel or postpone graduation ceremonies

5. Conduct only essential meetings (Board of Education — remotely if necessary)

6. Conduct essential business with staff/community/business remotely if possible.