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Johnson County Schools partners with nonprofit app

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Johnson County is considered a poor area, with citizens falling below the poverty line. That is why students in Johnson County Schools receive free breakfast and lunch. Now the school system is partnering with a non-profit app, Purposity, to connect student families in need with what they need via the community.

Johnson County Schools has been facilitating charitable help for struggling families for a while. Recently, its most well-known partnership has been with the Second Harvest Food Bank, passing out food to locals. Throughout the years, the school system has partnered with different organizations such as Beta Theta to provide coats and shoes for children in need.

“Students learn better and learn more when their basic needs are met.,” FRC Director Edna Miller explained. “This new resource, Purposity, is a non-profit app that allows community members to meet the critical, physical needs of our students so they can prosper in the classroom, home, and in the community.”

Purposity uses its app to show the needs in the community and facilitate purchases directly. The focus is on items like coats and shoes and household items. Interested parties can see the need via notification, purchase the item, and have it sent out through the same platform.

“If you knew a kid down the street had a simple need – say she needed sneakers for school – chances are you would help, right?” Miller explained. “ But, it’s hard to know the needs of real people in the community because there’s never been a way to connect people who could really use the help with people who want to offer it.”

According to a recent press release, it takes less than a minute to meet a need through Purposity, named as a portmanteau of purpose and generosity. The chosen item is sent to Miller within days, and she passes it on to the student. Donors can track how much good they have done through a special feature in the app.

Anyone interested in helping out students in the community can download the Puposity app on the App Store or Google Play Store for free. Follow Johnson County Schools for your chance to help a local child.