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Johnson County designated as a healthy community

TN Healthy Communitym Logo

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

On May 5, Governor, Bill Haslam and the Governor’s Foundation designated Johnson County as a Healthier Tennessee Community for Health and Wellness. Johnson County Mayor Larry Potter proudly presented the award at Doe Mountain Adventure Center. According to State Representative Timothy Hill, Johnson County is the first county in Tennessee to receive this award.

“More than anything I wanted to come and visit and say thank you for drawing a line in the sand and saying this is something important to our community.” Representative Hill said. “It’s an incredible designation for the community.”

Mayor Potter agreed with Hill’s sentiment. Potter stated, “it’s going to make our community as a whole a little bit better and that’s what it’s all about.” This award goes hand in hand with the Walk Across Tennessee program. Walk Across Tennessee is meant to help people get moving. This is a clear success considering that the participating 284 residents walked a collective 52,707 miles over the last eight weeks, which equals approximately fifteen laps around the state of Tennessee.

Johnson County’s designation makes the statement that health is essential to Johnson County residents and that we are fighting for better health outcomes in the community. The event could not have ended in a more fitting way. Residents took a scenic hike through the Doe Mountain trails. Johnson County is working towards a better and healthier future.