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Johnson County Clerk to represent TN

Tammie Fenner is the newest county official appointed to the 2022 County Officials Association of Tennessee (COAT). File Photo

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Johnson County is a small area full of potential. In the last few years, the county seems to be earning notice from the surrounding areas. Tammie Fenner is the newest county official to secure a coveted spot in government, being appointed to the 2022 County Officials Association of Tennessee (COAT) board this month. Fenner explained that she was one of two officials chosen to represent county clerks across Tennessee, with the other appointee from Knox County.

“It’s not very often that an elected official from our county gets recognized,” County Mayor Mike Taylor explained. “Our county clerk has been appointed to the County Officials of Tennessee board. We’re always happy to have local representation. She’ll represent us well.” Taylor added that Fenner was most likely chosen because of her “experience in her field and her willingness to serve the people of Tennessee.”

Fenner has been a staple in the Johnson County Courthouse since 1981, starting very young and staying throughout her entire career. Her experience did play a part in getting the position, said Fenner. Officials at the most recent County Clerks meeting asked her because they wanted someone who “had been with it a while.”

Taylor and Fenner think she might be Johnson County’s first representative to hold this position. This is one installment in a storm of recent appointments within the last few years, including a few firsts for the community, such as Tina Lipford becoming the first person from Johnson County inducted onto the TASBO (Tennessee Association of School Business Officials) at the end of 2020.

“It’s an honor,” Fenner told The Tomahawk. “I’m very humbled.”

Right now, Fenner is still learning about what the position entails. She knows there is travel involved, and she will have a hand in new legislation. The rest will be learning on the job. To find out more about the COAT board, visit To find out more about Fenner and the Johnson County Courthouse, visit Contact the Johnson County Clerk’s office at (423) 727-9633.