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JoCo Robos: tornado relief today, worlds tourney tomorrow

By Meg Dickens

The Joco Robos did not think they qualified for the world tournament in competition during the 2020 Tennessee VRC Middle School competition. However, Joco Robos Coach Susan Quave heard otherwise on Monday, March 9. Team 3075B’s skill scores were high enough to earn a spot in the world competition in Louisville, Kentucky, at the end of April. That makes the third time in five years that JCMS has qualified. According to Quave, this is the third time for a middle school to make it to the world competition.
“The kids had great attitudes. They were disheartened, but they didn’t quit. They didn’t give up,” said Joco Robos Assistant Coach Lane Sentell before the news. “It says a lot about their character. We have a good group of kids.”
“Three out of five years! Not bad!” Quave exclaimed after receiving the news.
The Joco Robos joined Brentwood Academy’s Fill the Bus Campaign during the competition. Robotic teams from around the state gathered crates of supplies for victims of the recent Middle Tennessee tornado. Brentwood asked specifically for baby items.
The terrible twister killed a minimum of 25 people. Several are still missing, and many more were injured. Samaritan’s Purse arrived at the scene on March 3, the same day the tornado hit. Brentwood Academy partnered with Hands On Nashville to find out what victims needed most. They then split the items up by grade level. These items include storage bins, garbage bags, and gift cards.
The robotics teams’ donations fill an entire eco-bus. Brentwood Academy Communications Representative Jennifer Smith estimates there are over 1,000 items on this bus. The final donation count is still to be determined but should fill multiple buses. Brentwood is set to drop off the goods sometime this week.
Support Joco Robos Team 3075b members Eli Fritts, Silas Averill, Sadie Hood, and Charlie Norris in their upcoming competition. See details about providing tornado relief through on
organization websites, including Samaritan’s Purse, the Red Cross, and Nashville Strong.