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Jo. Co. Schools ace annual report card

Elementary and Federal Programs Supervisor Angie Wills discusses elementary school scores from the annual report card. Data shows that Johnson County Schools surpasses the state average in multiple areas. Photo by Meg Dickens

By Meg Dickens

Johnson County Schools has stepped up when it comes to testing, educational growth, and attendance.
Director of Schools Mischelle Simcox, Secondary Supervisor Dr. Stephen Long, Elementary and Federal Programs Supervisor Angie Wills, and CTE Supervisor Herbie Adams presented new information from the annual report card at the Johnson County School Board meeting on Thursday, November 12.
Data shows that Johnson County Schools surpasses the state average in multiple areas.
In particular, the graduation rate and college attendance rate are above average. Johnson County Schools also has less than eight percent of chronically absent students compared to the state average of 12.5 percent.
“Out of all of the Gear Up 2.0 districts in the state, we have had the highest growth from start to now of college-going rate,” said Dr. Long. “Notice in 2018, we’re at 64.5 percent. The state is at 62.5 percent. That’s the first time since we’ve been tracking this data that we’ve surpassed the state.”
PowerPoint charts showed Johnson County High School’s swift increase in student college attendance rates. Within just six years, JCHS went from more than 20 percent lower than the state to surpassing state rates by two percent in 2018.
It is nearly a 28 percent increase, while the state’s highest increase was seven percent. Johnson County High School surpassed the state in the Ready Grad program. There are many misconceptions about this relatively new program.
Graduation requirements did not change, and qualifying for this program is not necessary to graduate. Students who qualify must have a 21 or higher on the ACT and four Dual Enrollment or AP (Advanced Placement) classes. The latter can be swapped with two AP or dual enrollment classes and one industry certification.
Johnson County surpasses the state with a 40.6 percent rate. Stay updated on school information, events, and school changes for Johnson
County Schools on the Johnson County Board of Education website at
The Johnson County School Board meets the second Thursday of each month at Central Office at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.