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JCHS art students show their talent and creations

By Conner Nowak

Art students at Johnson County High School contributed various artistic pieces of their own design that were put on display in the annual art show this past Monday. The exhibit included beautiful landscape paintings to a detailed model of our own local theatre, Heritage Hall. The pieces were not only on display for viewing, but attendees at the art show were able to vote on their personal favorites. Additionally, awards were given from the judges in categories such as “most realistic” and “3D.”
However, this event was clearly more than a display or contest. To many of the students participating, it was an opportunity to put themselves out there creatively. This opportunity wouldn’t be available if it were not for supportive members of the community who both encourage and attend events such as this. The gallery was attended by young and old alike, all of whom were completely engrossed in the displays.
Each of the displays had significant artistic value and many showcased large degrees of talent. No one is more familiar with the talent and dedication of the many young artists whose work was present than their instructor, Cristy Dunn.
“I am very impressed by our students’ talent and their commitment to growth,” said Dunn. “Again, and again, I see students become involved with the arts and their grades improve, their confidence improves, and their lives find direction.”
Logan Mink, a senior at JCHS, took home multiple awards including first place for Best in Show.
“It is awesome, I wish we could do something like this a whole lot more than just once a year, said Mink. “I think there’s a lot of talent. I mean if you just look around here tonight, there’s a lot of great stuff going on and that needs to be recognized more.”
The gallery was enjoyed both by attendees and those whose exhibits were on display. Recognizing the work and dedication coming from these local young artists is important and that is what makes events like these so valuable.
According to both Temple Reece and Audra Nobles, who both served as judges, judging was difficult because of the outstanding and varied works of art.
The final placings in the various categories are as follows:

Best in Show
First Place: “Mason Jar” by Logan Mink
Second Place: “Heritage Hall” by Chase McGlamery
Third Place: “Self Portrait” by Jose Marcos

People Choice Award
First Place: “Heritage Hall” by Chase McGlamery
Second Place:  “Mandolin” by Cortney Wilson
Third Place:  “Mason Jar” by Logan Mink

Imitationalism (Realism) Award
First Place:  “Mandolin” by Cortney Wilson
Second Place: “Twenty-One Pilots” by Brianne Ward
Third Place: “Teacup” by Anna Reece

First Place: “Skin Tight” by Kaelyn Sussex
Second Place: “Our Roots” by Logan Potter
Third Place: “Track Accident” by Dante Bolognese

First Place: “Golden Gate Bridge” by Logan Mink
Second Place: “Rose Matter” by Mikayla Fritts
Third Place: “Puzzle” by Elizabeth Shaw

First Place: “The Farm” by Chase McGlamery
Second Place: “Sea Creature” by Abdielle Beaty
Third Place: “Rabbit” by Ayla Dunn

Alumni’s Choice
First Place: “Octopus” by Ayla Dunn
Second Place: “Zentangle” by Rebecca Nowak
Third Place: “Depression” by Brooke McNutt

Honorable mentions went to Tyler Earp, Maria Johnson. Sean Lewis, McLain Carlton, Jodi Baker, Chloee Graybeal, Laura Crowder, Mikayla Fletcher, Gavin Cook, and Rebecca Nowak, Elizabeth Clawson, and Lexi Forrester