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JCEAA seeks support for new arena

By Teresa P. Crowder
Freelance Writer

It is no secret that kids
have limited options for extracurricular activities in Johnson County. This is one of many driving forces that formed the Johnson County Equine and Agriculture Association.
JCEAA began with an idea for
a permanent arena and an
organization that would encourage the agriculture industry to benefit the whole county, specifically the youth.
“Growing up, I helped my
grandpa, Danny Herman, on his farm and had a horse as a child,” said President Celena Herman-Moore. “She passed, but I never lost interest. I cherish the memories made with my grandpa and the joy and many lessons I learned from having a horse and helping with the other livestock he had. As an adult, I know that I want my children and our county’s youth to experience those same joys while making new memories. Little did I know that the search for a horse would lead me to meet so many new people and bless me with great friends.”
In searching for a horse, she grew a closer relationship with friend Mollie Ingle, who also grew up in Johnson County on her family’s farm in Butler. They talked about wanting more opportunities for youth in our county to be involved and enjoy agriculture as much as they did.
The two had an idea but lacked the experience in obtaining and maintaining a facility. Through the process of many talks with Van and Karla Arnold and the help of Wes Stalans from Spur N’ S Rodeo, Moore and Ingle gained valuable insight and developed their idea into a plan.
Moore and Ingle began accepting applications and formed a board of directors that has been instrumental in the progress made with the JCEAA.
While many of the board members have 20 plus years in the equine and agriculture industries, they all have a passion for agriculture and want to positively influence the county. Each board member has unique talents and skills that have made it possible for the idea to become a reality.
The Board of Directors includes- President- Celena Herman-Moore, Vice President- Karla Arnold, Secretary- Tony Randazzo, Treasurer- Mollie Ingle, Alan Hammons, Dani Pleasant, Karen Weaver, and Sirrena Wiggins.
The local 4-H and FFA do a fabulous job helping the kids interested in the Agriculture industry. However, having a structure like this arena at the Chamber Park in Johnson County would allow these organizations to use a facility that would be beneficial in many different ways.
JCEAA wishes to provide a location and build a family, community and learning culture by hosting quality programs and events.
Many individuals have expressed interest in attending field days, clinics, etc., but the cost and travel time often make participation a challenge.
They will mitigate many of these challenges by building an arena and venue and providing more opportunity and accessibility. In addition to partnering with youth development programs and organizations, they can help youth build career and life skills, preparing them to succeed in the agriculture industry.
JCEAA understands that proper planning and preparation are essential to the long-term usability and the variety of events hosted at the arena. With this in mind, we are currently seeking sponsors and donors to prepare the site and construct the arena. Our plan is to build a 120’ x 200’ arena to accommodate a full range of equine, livestock, and rough stock events.
JCEAA hopes this organization and facility will assist and benefit the
already existing organizations and individuals involved in the agriculture industry and help grow and encourage more interest throughout the county and all surrounding areas.
For more information and how you can help sponsor the arena construction, send an email to [email protected]