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Introducing Mountain City Police Chief Joey Norris

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer
The Town of Mountain City recently said goodbye to long-term Mountain City Police Department’s (MCPD) Chief Denver Church, as he turned in his badge to retire at the end of 2021.
Now former Assistant Chief Joey Norris is stepping into his shoes to be the new head of the department. The Tomahawk reached out to Norris to learn more about him and his plans.
Chief Norris started his career in 1996 as a dispatch operator. When asked what influenced him to join the force, he stated that he “always wanted to be a cop” and did not have a law enforcement figure in his life. He advanced to an officer four years later and became assistant chief in 2008.
Now 25 years into his career in law enforcement, Norris has advanced to police chief.
“It’s a great honor,” Norris said about becoming chief. “I will do my best to serve the community and help lead the department in the direction it should go.”
Serving the community is Norris’ motivation in the job.
When asked about why he works in law enforcement, Norris explained the draw of the job was in helping those around him. As a Johnson County native, he has a long history with the area and its citizens.
“Just to help people,” Norris explained. “That’s what I like most. I love being involved in the community.”
Norris acknowledges that helping people in this position requires teamwork. Local officers work together to make this a reality. He had nothing but good things to say about his current team at the precinct.
“We have some of the best guys here,” Norris explained. “They make this department. Without them, there’s no department.”
Norris has a wishlist of changes he hopes to implement in the future but is hesitant to release them before seeking approval from the higher-ups.
These improvements have to do with “catching up with the times.” Norris explained that there is always room for improvement. One thing that the department will be looking into is updating equipment.
Keep an eye out for more information on future updates as Chief Norris adjusts to his new position and moves forward with new ideas.
For more information on MCPD, visit the station at 210 South Church Street in Mountain City or call (423) 727-2909.