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HGTV comes to Johnson County in search of a secluded log cabin for featured family

By Paula Walter

Home and Garden Television, better known as HGTV, recently sent a film crew to our own Johnson County to film a segment of the show, Log Cabin Living. The upcoming episode is entitled Tennessee Homestead Cabin. Set your DVR, as the show will be aired November 11th at 11:00 pm. According to a recent press release, some of the filming for the show was done in the Pioneer Landing area of Johnson County.
Log Cabin Living focuses on finding log homes for those people who want to escape the craziness of city life and are seeking peace, quiet and privacy in a rural setting. Some of their past episodes including finding a home in Blue Ridge, Georgia with a view of the Appalachian Mountains, a family searching for a cabin and a yard for the dog facing the mountains on the island of Oahu, and a couple searching for a get-away cabin in Wisconsin away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago. The show has also focused on finding cabin home in western North Carolina, Montana, the Alleghany Mountains, Fredericksburg, Virginia, northern Minnesota and the Smoky Mountains.

In this episode set in our own Johnson County, a family of three who love the outdoors are looking for a secluded cabin. The family enjoys hunting and foraging for wild mushrooms. They also repair, modify and build guns. Their budget is $550,000 and they are hoping to find that special log cabin for their family that includes private flat land to homestead.
Make sure to check your local listings to verify the Tennessee Homestead Cabin show time.