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Girl Scout Cookie Booths Are Open for Business

Local Girl Scouts are selling Girl Scout Cookies at booths across the southeast from February 24 – March19. Customers can enter their ZIP code at to find a list of local cookie booth locations, dates, and times. There is also a Cookie Finder available for both iOS and Android devices.

Girl Scout Cookies play a huge role in transforming girls into G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, Leaders)™ while they learn essential life skills. The cookie program also helps girls earn money for activities and community service projects.

In 2016, the Girl Scout Research Institute worked to better measure the impact of the Girl Scout Cookie Program and understand the extent to which Girl Scouts develop essential business and leadership skills. Survey responses from 40,000 Girl Scouts, representing all Girl Scout levels and various regions of the country show:

  • 85% of girls learned how to set goals and meet deadlines
  • 88% of girls learned how to think through different choices and make decisions
  • 88% of girls learned how to count money, make change, and create and manage a budget
  • 85% of girls learned how to be comfortable talking to and being around new people
  • 94% of girls learned how to be respectful of others, take responsibility for what they say and do, keep their promises, and not lie to get out of trouble
  • Two out of three girls (66%) are developing all the above skills

Almost one million girls participate in the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program, generating nearly $800 million in sales during the average season. The entire amount of net revenue raised through the cookie program stays with the local council and troops.

On a diet? Donate to Operation: Appreciation, our council’s Gift of Caring program. The Girl Scout troop will receive the proceeds from your donation and the council will send the corresponding amount of boxes to the U.S. Armed Forces.