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Fires result in total losses

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

At 2:22 p.m on Wednesday, February 17, firefighters from several Zone 1 fire departments and members of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of a flaming camper trailer at 211 Bertie Morefield Lane. According to First District Fire Department Fire Chief Kevin Colson, it resembled a structure fire in Neva (891 Shingletown Road) days later on Saturday, February 20. Both fires resulted in total losses.

The fire events appear to be electrical, but the structure fire itself is still under investigation. Officials suspect its cause was a heater left behind by squatters. Authorities were told the structure was unoccupied while en route to the scene. At the time of this article, no further information is available.

Colson explained that delayed reporting could make a significant difference when it comes to a fire. Faster alerts lead to faster responses and likely less damage. He encouraged the public to call for help as quickly as possible.

“Early detection is key,” Colson explained. “Call 911 when you suspect a fire.”

In the case of the mentioned fires, Colson commented that the structure and camper trailer were at a state where the delayed reports probably did not make a difference. Firefighters controlled both fires quickly and there were no reported injuries. Colson reports the camper fire only lasted for about 15 minutes.