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Farm safety is key

Staff Report

Farmers everywhere are looking for the best ways to produce and raise livestock on their land, but sometimes it can be easy to overlook safety for higher profit margins. Agritourism offers farmers opportunities to diversify and grow their operation; however, with growth, there are always new risks and legal obligations that need to be addressed. Providing a safe environment is key to the sustainability and success of your endeavors.

Safety never just happens by itself; farmers must plan for safety. Having a Farm Safety and Emergency Response Plan is a great place to start. These plans can include emergency contact numbers, basic description of the farming or livestock operation, maps, road access, proper lighting, animal control and safety, fencing, pest control, security, fire prevention, machine operation, and a response plan for medical emergencies. There is so much to know!

On February 20th, Carter County Extension is hosting a Farmers Road Safety workshop at 6:30 pm at Fairview Baptist Church. Fairview Baptist Church is located at 585 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TN 37694. Lt. Rick Garrison will be speaking and sharing on the rules and regulations for farmers and road safety. Information will be covering topics about traveling with farm equipment, how to travel safe and travel while abiding rules of the road. Questions like

“Where should we have signs for slow-moving vehicles?”, “where should we have yield signs” and “should we be tagging our trucks, ATV/UTV, and other equipment?” If you would like to attend, please call (423)-542-1818 to sign up.

For additional reading on a variety of safety concerns and how to make farm safety plans, check out