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Johnson County Middle School student Savannah Crosswhite named Good Neighbor for November

Johnson County Middle School student Savannah Crosswhite has been named the Good Neighbor
for November, 2019.
Sponsored by the Johnson County Chapter of
Delta Kappa Gamma
International, the Good Neighbor Award recognizes students in
the Middle School who demonstrate neighborliness through exemplary kindness and respect, as well as an awareness of when
others need help and a
willingness to offer whatever assistance is necessary.
Savannah’s teachers describe her as a young woman who always tries to do the right thing, who is honest, trustworthy and always a team player.
She jumps in to help whenever she sees someone in need, and is a friend to all. She truly exemplifies all the characteristics of a Good Neighbor.
Teresa Stansberry, Principal of JCMS, joined Sheila Cruse representing DKG,
in presenting letters of congratulations to Savannah.