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Drivers may electronically prove vehicle registration

By Jill Penley
Freelance Writer

Life just a got a little bit easier for drivers in Tennessee as a new law went into effect July 1, 2018, allowing drivers to provide digital evidence of current vehicle registration. The law will specifically enable the driver to show proof on any electronic device, like a phone or tablet, as long as the document says the car is properly registered and issued to the owner or person driving the vehicle.

“We are excited to announce this new service now offered by BIS, the company who manages our computer systems,” said Tammie C. Fenner, County Clerk for Johnson County. “Auto Assistant is a free app that makes keeping up with your vehicle registration easy and convenient.”

According to Fenner, drivers will now be able to present instant electronic proof of registration and receive notifications of renewal dates. “With this app, you can manage all of your vehicle’s registrations and renewals all in one place,” said Fenner. “If your registration is expiring, it is easier than ever to renew it online digitally.”

Paper vehicle registration documents are often crammed in crowded glove compartments along with too many other items causing panic to ensue if asked for proof of insurance and registration when pulled over by an officer. State law now allows digital documentation of each, which stands to make the process faster, easier, and safer for both the officer and driver.

Business Information Systems (BIS), headquartered in Piney Flats, Tennessee, is a data system design company founded in 1977 to help businesses and municipalities find solutions by using the latest computer technology and programming techniques. BIS is a partnership registered in the State of Tennessee.

The state bill, dubbed SB0727, is specifically worded: Motor vehicles, titling, and registration: authorizes persons to display evidence of vehicle registration in electronic formats through the use of cell phones and other electronic devices.

Electronic vehicle registration has proven to be secure and is accepted in many other states. Online electronic vehicle registration has been shown to save time, travel, and the hassles of waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicle.