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December 2017 in review

A Mountain City man has filed a civil lawsuit against Carter County over a December 2016 stop sign that culminated in a county constable allegedly pointing a gun at the plaintiff’s head.
Two new police officer candidates were approved and discussion continued about the Farmer’s Market park location as the Mountain City Board of Mayor and Aldermen met on December 5, 2017. Police Chief Denver Church presented the board with police officer candidates Zachary Reece and Richard Norris.
The Johnson County Center for the Arts held a reception this past Friday to celebrate My Appalachia. The works of over 20 local artists were featured as they explored what Appalachia means to them. Participants were invited to create a work of art in response to the theme of My Appalachia.
The Johnson County Public Library continues to move forward with their plans for an extension onto the existing library. “The plans are complete,” said Linda Icenhour, library director.
According to Icenhour, when the library received the bids for the extension project, they came in much higher than expected.
Old Mill Ministries held their 10th annual Christmas celebration this past Saturday at the Tennessee National Guard Armory. A traditional Christmas meal of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and all the trimmings was served as each child eagerly waited a special gift from Santa. Although Andy and Lisa Zeggert, with Old Mill Ministries, have moved out of the area, they return each year, as this event is one of their largest and most eagerly-awaited gatherings.
Tom Sharpe, of Shady Valley, recently reported a large bear attacked his 300-pound pet donkey. The incident was caught on security camera. According to Sharpe, the bear was able to climb into the fenced-in area, attack the donkey several times before managing to drag the animal over the fence and off into the woods. “It was a very vicious attack,” said Sharpe.