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Crowd applauds Ag Center decision

By Marlana Ward
Freelance Writer

The September meeting of  the Johnson County Commissioners saw great attendance and response from the public as new faces joined the governing body and plans for the county’s future were made. As newly elected Mayor Mike Taylor took his place at the table with other county officials, the commissioners chose who would serve as their Chairman and Vice Chairman for this term. Commissioner Rick Snyder, who has served previously as Vice Chairman, was elected Chairman and Commissioner Jerry Grindstaff was elected to serve as Vice Chairman. Their peers elected both men unanimously. With the new commissioners coming on board, the group also approved changes to various committees for future discussions. The group approved all changes to committees unanimously.

The courtroom was filled with those from the agricultural community all anxious to see what this newly elected group of officials would decide about the future of an Ag Center in Johnson County. The proposal for seeking grants and funding for a county agricultural center has been a hot topic of discussion for many months, and at the August meeting, it was tabled one last time to allow the new commissioners an opportunity to review the information and make a final decision.

The decision was made to move forward with the Ag Center proposal, and every commissioner voted in favor of the project. “The courtroom was full of farmers awaiting the decision,” reported County Clerk Tammie Fenner. “When it was approved, they all applauded and were very excited to see this move forward.”

Fenner also shared how the Johnson County High School’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) group was also in attendance to show support for the planned center. “The courtroom was completely full,” Fenner added.

The first grant deadline for the Ag Center is October 1.  Officials stated that with the proposal officially approved and the county committed, more grant applications and
specific plans pertaining to the center would be pursued soon.

The next meeting of the Johnson County Commissioners will be on October 18 at 7 pm. Meetings are held in the Johnson County Courthouse upper courtroom and are always open to the public.