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Cox case dismissed

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

In criminal court on Wednesday, October 16, the Coach Craig Cox case came to a close. According to Circuit Court Clerk Melissa Hollaway, his attorney and the DA “probably worked something out” with no hearing involved. ADA Leon Marshall was the prosecution, according to the District Attorney’s Office. At the time of this article, ADA Marshall was not available for comment.

The case began this February when locals learned that Cox was suspended without pay and under investigation by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO). Cox was the culinary arts teacher at Johnson County High School as well as the Longhorn Offensive Line coach for the football team. The news of Cox’s suspension broke at almost the same time as the JCHS Culinary Arts program received a $70,000 grant from the Rachel Ray Foundation.

Nearly two months after his suspension, Cox was arrested and indicted by a Johnson County Grand Jury on one count of attempted solicitation of sexual exploitation of a minor. According to a previous statement from Sheriff Eddie Tester, officers picked up Cox and booked him at the Johnson County Jail after his indictment on a $10,000 bond. Cox made bail and was scheduled to appear before a criminal court on June 5, but the COVID-19 Pandemic left Cox’s case postponed until October 16.

His lawyer, Attorney Perry Stout, reported to The Tomahawk on Sunday, October 18, that the State no longer intends to prosecute Cox. Not only that, but they plan to expunge Cox’s record, which means erasing or destroying said criminal records. Judge Stacy Street signed the judgment and expungement paperwork during the court proceedings.

“Today in the Criminal Court for Johnson County, the charge against my client, Mr. Craig Leeton Cox, was dismissed on the State’s motion to nolle pros (no prosecute),” said Stout. “Coach Cox has always maintained that he did not do anything illegal. We are incredibly pleased that the State has chosen to not move forward with the case.”

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