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Confirmed COVID-19 cases close Johnson County Courthouse

By Tamas Mondovics

Posted on the Johnson County Tennessee Government Facebook page, Mayor Mike Taylor announced last Sunday that the County Courthouse had to be closed Monday, July 27, after two confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported.

In a statement on the County’s Facebook page Taylor stated, “It has come to my attention that we do, in fact, have two confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus reported from the Johnson County Courthouse. At this time, we are doing everything necessary in our power to assure the safety of everyone directly or indirectly involved.”

To that end, all public spaces were deep cleaned and sanitized and scheduled a reopening on Tuesday, July 28, the notice read. On Monday, Taylor sent out another notice extending the opening date to Wednesday, July 29.

Taylor emphasized that out of an abundance of caution, those who were in the courthouse during July 17 – 24, “you’re advised to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms throughout August 3.”

The incident is just another reminder for all in the region that the pandemic a reality and that the continuation of wearing protective equipment such as face masks, which are now mandated by Taylor and the need for social distancing is a reasonable measure for the protection of everyone.

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