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Community pushes for pool reopening by summer 2022

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

As most people in the area know, the Mountain City Pool has been closed for the past two years because of issues with varying parts of the facility. The community has been pushing for repairs and an official reopening since the beginning. Now, through the Hometown Service Coalition (HSC), the public is making its voice heard with a petition addressed to the Board of Aldermen, the Town of Mountain City, and the state of Tennessee.

“We understand that some as-yet-undetermined amount of repairs are necessary to operate the pool safely,” the petition reads. “We respectfully request that local leaders commit now to budget the money necessary to at least fund these minimum repairs and guarantee the pool will be open by next summer.”

HSC started this petition in conjunction with A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition during the week of August 28. In less than a week after submission, the petition already has 580 signatures. HSC plans to meet with the City Council during its September meeting to discuss the project. City Mayor Jerry Jordan confirmed.

As of the city’s last meeting, officials were reportedly working on the electrical equipment that was “not up to code” and expected to finish by the end of August. These updates are still in the works, but Jordan estimates work should finish by the end of this week. When asked about the progress, he commented that renovations are happening now, and the city has plans for moving forward.

“We have already approved $10,000 for electrical upgrades to the bathhouse & filter room,” Jordan told The Tomahawk. “The work is being done now. When the fence is completed, we will fill the pool up and have a company to determine the leak issues.”

On several occasions, city officials have said the pool repairs are a top priority. HSC hopes that its petition will show the community’s interest to local government and any possible grant committees. Select funding opportunities require information showing that proposed projects are in the public’s interest.

“Significant private grant funding may be contingent on this government commitment and, likewise, the level of interest shown by the community,” HSC explained through its plea. “So, this petition is also Johnson County’s chance to show grant funders that our community cares and wants to be heard.”

Anyone interested in hearing more can attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 7 at 6:30 pm at City Hall. To find out more about city government, visit View the Repair and Open the Mountain City, Tennessee Community Pool in the Summer of 2022 petition on