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Community Church holds “first of its kind” event

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

The Community Church of Mountain City hosted a “first of its kind” event in Johnson County on Saturday, October 2. After several years of thought, the church capitalized on its plan to perform live on a larger scale outside of its four walls. A Night Of Worship with Community Church was performed and recorded live at Heritage Hall Theatre and will soon be gracing platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and the Community Church website.
Pastor Tim Cox Jr. reports that the house was packed, citing between 250 and 300 tickets sold in the 388 seat venue. According to one participant, the event officially sold out, and ushers were “blown away” by the crowd’s energy. The people were reportedly full of excitement and only sat down during the brief sermon set as a 15-minute interlude between seven-song music sets.
The band consisted of many local names, including Nick Love, Nick Speed, Jackson Yates, Lindsey Yoggerst, Meagan Visser, Allen Yates, Tim Cox Sr., Tim Cox Jr., and Brad Harris. Although all of their songs that night were cover songs, the group currently has two originals in the works and hopes to have more ready before gracing the stage again.
“I’m just completely overwhelmed by what God did last night, one of the most powerful things I’ve ever experienced in my life,” Cox told his congregation during his service the next day. “There were a couple of times when I thought the roof was coming off Heritage Hall, I really did.”
The event raised around $3,000, which went towards producing the album. Church officials used a film team from Boone, NC, and
audio professionals from Nashville, TN, to capture the night. Music videos for the set, along with audio files, will be available free to the public after production.
Cox hopes to release the album by Christmas of 2021 and possibly return the act to Heritage Hall by the following Easter.
Cox was pleased with the results, saying that “there were some seeds planted in Johnson County that will come to harvest.” One of his most prominent praises revolved around the devotion of his church volunteers.
“I can’t say enough about the level of service the people of the Community Church continue to offer,” Cox gushed. “50 to 60 volunteers were helping out through it all. They were all ages from around eighth grade to
70 years old. The church
has been a tremendous blessing.”
Community Church of Mountain City is located at 167 W E Neatherly Road in Mountain City. The congregation currently holds two worship times and expects to offer a third in the future. Find out more at or call (423) 535-9642.