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Community Center considers improvement resolutions

Flo Bellamy, head of the Mountain City Community Center stands beside one of the antique metal slides in the Community Center Park. Photo by Veronica Burniston.

By Veronica Burniston
Freelance Writer

As the New Year settles into place, Flo Bellamy and the Mountain City Community Center are dreaming dreams and setting goals for improvements in 2021.The Center’s three community-based goals are as follows:

Resolution One:The dilapidated fence
The first goal focuses on replacing the current pool fence, which Flo noted is a “safety hazard in its present state,” with a new solid wood fence. No barbed wire or metal fencing. Once the new fence is in place, Flo hopes to have a mural or mountain landscape painted on it to provide a more charming appearance.

“This entire neighborhood with Heritage Hall and the historic homes is beautiful,” Flo commented. “The fence, which sits in the middle of Heritage Square, should be an asset, not an eyesore.”

Resolution Two: Community Center Park
The Community Center Park, located between the pool and softball field, is in a terrible state of neglect. The metal slides and swing sets are “ancient,” according to Flo. The small park is primarily used during the week by the children attending the Center and softball families during the Little League games. Though the park is tiny in size, it hosts one of the oldest oak trees in Tennessee.

Flo and the Center’s staff would like to see the park remodeled with newer, safer equipment for the kids, a short mulch loop trail for seniors to walk, and a defined “cookout” area for families.

Resolution Three: The Community Pool
The Center’s third goal for 2021 is to fix the damaged pool for local families and kids and seniors who need it for water therapy and aerobics.

“On a hot day in the summer,” Flo said, “people were in and out all day long. It was a source of recreation for families [not to mention] the only public pool in the county.”

Flo and the Community Center’s staff look forward to positive changes that benefit everyone in the county and help better tell the story of this wonderful mountain community.

If interested in learning more about the Community Center’s three goals, contact Flo Bellamy at 727-2942.