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City pool closed another year

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Locals around Johnson County know what kind of issues plague the Town of Mountain City municipal swimming pool. Despite its problems, it is well loved and one of the few recreational services offered for youth within the area. City officials recently confirmed that the facility remains closed this season but not because of the current pandemic. The pool’s issues revolve around three main categories: damage, outdated equipment, and personnel.

The damage to the pool bottom is common knowledge and a repeating occurrence. Older reports show similar issues back in 2015. The damage leads to a sizeable leak causing substantial water loss, according to city reports. That is the main issue referred to when officials discuss the pool. At the time of this article, the city says it is “untelling” how much repairing it will cost.

A more extensive problem is the outdated equipment. According to City Mayor Jerry Jordan, the pool would shut down immediately if reopened because it is not up to code. Jordan cited multiple electrical issues and related outdated equipment that the city needs to fix before the pool can reopen to the public. City officials allocated $9,500 in funds to work on this issue in the upcoming fiscal year.

With its future uncertain, it seems trying to pin down staff for the season. The town of Mountain City had issues with the task and credits it as part of why the pool will not reopen this year. By the end of the search, city officials were still missing a manager and the legally required number of certified lifeguards. Jordan reports that two people signed up as lifeguard candidates, while the law requires eight to ten because of size and population.

At the time of this article, there is no news on when the pool may reopen. Repairs are tentatively set for the upcoming fiscal year, which starts on July 1. Find out more about the town of Mountain City at