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Cancer survivors come together to celebrate

October 3, 2018

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

The Cancer Survivors’ Dinner drew a crowd to the Crewette building on Saturday, September 29. The number of guests nearly outnumbered the seating. The final guest count came in at 106 people. Guests ranged from young children to senior citizens. Some have fought their diagnosis for years while others were diagnosed as recently as 6 months ago.

Johnson County Bank employees greeted and signed in guests as they arrived. The Levi Retirees worked behind the scenes preparing a home-cooked meal. All involved went above and beyond to make the event a success. Several members of the Levi Retirees are cancer survivors. The disease has touched many bank employees as well.

Guests mingled with old friends and allies in the fight against cancer. Not long after, bank employees passed out blue and white balloons, and guests took to the street for an optional short walk around the block. Some guests had trouble with the walk but
persevered. This determination is just a glimpse of the strength these survivors exhibit daily.

The walk ended back in front of the Crewette building. Survivors paused while event coordinator Sandy Snyder turned the floor over to Johnson County Bank CEO Chris Reece who led the crowd in a moment of prayer. Soon the sky filled with a flurry of blue and white as survivors released balloons into the air. It is a common practice to release balloons in memory of those who lost their battle with cancer. The balloons floated away with a farewell of “bye-bye” from Mia Crews. Friends paused to take photos and hug on the way back into the building.

Guests formed a line to fill their plates. The meal included ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, slaw, rolls and a plethora of dessert options. Bank employees came around to collect empty plates and help anyone in need. When the plates were mostly clear, Snyder started passing out souvenir t-shirts. Each was wrapped with ribbon and a personalized nametag. Guests raised their hands when their names were called, and bank employees delivered the mementos. Guests exchanged hugs and goodbyes before heading out.