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Brad Reece legacy will live on forever

Johnson County native Brad Reece, 47, smiles at the camera. After a courageous battle with cancer, Brad passed away on Sunday, February 21, 2021, leaving behind his wife Tina and his three sons, Gabe, Gavin, and Graham. Submitted photo

By Tim Chambers
Sports Editor

Good men come and go, but none better than Johnson County’s own Brad Reece. Brad passed away on Sunday, February 21, after a courageous battle with cancer. His obit said he was a wonderful father, husband, and son; all spot on. But the word I’m choosing to use is amazing because I’ve never met anyone like him in my 62 years on this earth.

Brad was brilliant, graduating from Johnson County High School and East Tennessee State University with a 4.0 GPA making straight A’s all the way through his school years. He was valedictorian of his senior class in high school and graduated from ETSU in the business department with the highest GPA.But there was so much more to Brad than just intelligence. He was a godly man, a devoted Christian, deacon at Mountain City Church of Christ, a role model husband and father, and a man looked up to by many in the Johnson County community.

He was also involved in sports, having played everything while attending Johnson County High School. He was named All-Conference in basketball and baseball and served as a youth league, Little League, middle school, and high school coach. He was the best stat man ever at Johnson County, and his knowledge and photographic memory with numbers made him a successful banker at Johnson County Bank.  He could calculate numbers in his head before they could add them up on a calculator.

Those things were all good but what made Brad special was how he treated everyone who came to know him. When he got sick and was flying to Houston for treatments, he called me when I got sick to check on me and see how I was. He and his wife looked at one another; there was a look of love that was never-ending.Upon having three surgeries, he still could play golf with his sons, Gabe, Gavin, and Graham, despite recovering from brain surgery.

On a cold rainy night, people stood in line for hours at his church to play their final respects to the man that had treated them with respect for years.Brad loved the town and community in which he grew up. He was proud to be a Longhorn but, most importantly, proud to be a child of God. The Johnson County community has lost some great men since I came on the scene at The Tomahawk. You can now add Brad Reece to that list. Hopefully, plans are being made to honor him for years to come with a scholarship of some sort.

His son Graham will be the starting second baseman for Johnson County in baseball. His family needs our prayers and support.  Brad had one goal in life during his sickness, and that was to get back into the church during the pandemic, which his doctors advised him not to do. He never missed a service online, but the Johnson County community will sure miss him.

Stacy Lee quoted; “Fly you crows. My father was not a spectacle. He was the greatest man I ever knew. “He was my everything.”

This is something his three sons and wife can surely say. Brad’s legacy will live on forever and ever in Johnson County. Gone but not forgotten.