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Baby chicks hatch joy at local care and rehabilitation center

A recently hatched baby chick gives some comfort and joy to a resident at the Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center. The chicks are a welcome addition to the Center’s daily activities helping with emotional as well as physical health of residents as they move and interact with everyone. Photo by Veronica Burniston

By Veronica Burniston
Freelance Writer

For the last month, the Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center staff and residents have eagerly awaited the birth of chicks. Located on Medical Park Drive, just off Highway 421, the Center is a “120-bed skilled nursing facility,” which offers a number of rehabilitative services, around-the-clock nursing care, and a dedicated, kind-hearted staff.

Brought into the facility by Maxi Wilcox, the center’s Administrative Director, the chicken eggs resided in an incubator for twenty-one days where residents and staff alike visited on a daily basis. When the eggs finally began to hatch, the entire Center took part in welcoming the little chicks into the world.

“The residents were filled with excitement and named each chick as it hatched,” said Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center Administrator and CEO, Diana Branch. “Some of the names include Mighty, Pearl, Rocky, Willie, and Sylvia. The chicks are so accustomed to continual visits and conversation that they line up on the side of the cage to greet each visitor.”

Quickly becoming beacons of joy, the little chicks are taken on regular room visits throughout the facility, drawing smiles and laughter wherever they go. According to Branch, the chicks are wonderful encouragers, especially for the residents.

“Being involved with the chicks has engaged our residents on multiple levels,” she said. “It helps with their emotional health and even physical health as they move and interact with the small chicks. [One uplifting incident] was when the residents chose to honor a fellow resident on her 100th birthday by naming one baby chick, which hatched on her birthday, after her. She was so excited to share the news.”

Diana noted that in the coming weeks, the facility will “safely re-home” the beloved chicks. But a “new journey has already begun” for the residents. Seven Bantam chicken eggs, a type of miniature chicken, are now nestled in the Center’s incubator. Once again, the residents are filled with excitement, eagerly awaiting the birth of new life.

To learn more about the Mountain City Care and Rehabilitation Center, visit its website.