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Altercation at NEXC leaves one dead, two injured

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

On Sunday, February 7, an altercation with inmates at Northeast Correctional Complex (NECX) led to three injured parties, with one man succumbing to his injuries. Now law officials are investigating to see what went down. Officials report that the incident happened in a housing unit within the complex that night.

“Three inmates were sent to an outside medical facility for treatment,” East Tennessee Region Public Information Officer Robert Reburn explained the situation. “One man has died as a result of his injuries.”

The CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) alert went out around 9:16 p.m., stating a stabbing injury occurred at 5249 Highway 67 West. Reburn assured The Tomahawk that no firearms were involved with the altercation. It seems safe to infer that there was a stabbing within the facility.

Law enforcement officers launched an investigation shortly after. Reburn stated that it “is under investigation by the TDOC (Tennessee Department of Corrections) Office of Investigations and Conduct (OIC) and the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation).” As of now, officials are unable to release more information because of the investigation.

A source within the complex, wishing to remain anonymous, shared a little more information in an update. It seems like the incident was ,most likely related to clashing gangs within the complex. Most recent reports show that another one of the three injured inmates is in critical condition. (as of writing this article)

According to TDOC, Johnson County’s Northeast Correctional Complex annex is a minimum security prison officially designated as a close custody facility. Close custody means that inmates must be within an armed perimeter and under direct, armed supervision once outside of that perimeter. Reportedly, the annex holds a variety of different custody level inmates among its approximately 300 inmates. To find out more about NECX, call 727-7387 or visit and view its state prison listing.