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Addie Bobbitt knows the heartache of losing a loved one to drugs

Addie Bobbitt (far right) and other ladies associated with the Kari Home for Women in Vilas, NC

By Paula Walter

Addie Bobbitt knows the heartache of losing a loved one to drugs. Her daughter, Josie, died from a drug overdose in June of 2015. She was 33 years old. After a move to the Boone, North Carolina area, Bobbitt ran across an article in a magazine about a recovery home for women In Vilas, just outside of Boone, who are struggling with substance abuse. Kari’s Home for Women, established in May, 2015, provides a safe place for women over 18 where they can heal, emotionally, physically and spiritually in a six-month program.
According to Bobbitt, her immediate thoughts after reading about the home for women in recovery was how could she help better their lives and what could she do to make a positive difference. She was no stranger to helping those people heal from addiction as she had previously worked with a women’s recovery home in Florida. “I feel if my daughter had been in a recovery house, she would be alive today,” Bobbitt said.
Bobbitt not only wants to work with the recovery home residents in Vilas, but one of her goals is to establish a faith-based recovery home for women in Johnson County. She has another goal that is close to her heart. Bobbitt wants to be trained and go into the jails and let women who are jailed know there is a place for them as they recover from drug addiction. According to Bobbitt, often the women don’t know where to go after being released from jail. She remains in close contact with Dawn Knighton, who runs two recovery houses in Ormond Beach, Florida. “Dawn will take them in Ormond Beach,” she added.
According to Bobbitt, she has been offered a home in Johnson County that could be easily be turned into a recovery house. However, at this time, she has not been able to find counselors for the potential residents. Without counselors, the program will not get off the ground. Bobbitt is ready to hit the ground running, but still lacks a key component to the program. “We are looking for a perfect fit for experienced counselors to work with those with drug and alcohol situations.”
Bobbit partners with Mark Sijthoff, who has lived in Johnson County since 1999, to work towards their goals of helping women dealing with addictions. “Mark and I are very adamant about starting a recovery home in Johnson County,” Bobbitt added. She is hoping to have enough funds donated so there would be no charge for the recovery program as the women begin to heal.
If you are interested in helping Kari’s Home for Women add more housing for additional women, they are looking for volunteers the first weekend in December to renovate a mobile home. There will also be a fundraiser rummage sale for Kari’s Home for Women on December 2nd from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at Faith Bridge Methodist Church off Route 321 and Aho Road in Vilas, beside the Mustard Seed.
If you have any questions, Bobbitt can be reached at [email protected] or 386-717-0267.