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A Duck Named Lily

A Duck Named Lily is a new children’s book by local author Evelyn Cook and area artist Amber Icenhour. Submitted photos

Submitted by
Lewis Chapman
Johnson County Arts Council

I think it shows the impact that pets can have in our lives, even a little duck.” This is how local author Evelyn Cook describes the theme of her new children’s book, A Duck Named Lily.
The 58-page book is beautifully illustrated by Johnson County’s own Amber Icenhour Calderon.
It follows the true story of Evelyn and her husband Ed Cook’s adventures with their pet duck. From finding a cracked egg to raising and nurturing this personable feathered friend.
Evelyn tells that shortly after the events described in the book happened, Ed encouraged her to write the story. Ed had always been impressed with Amber’s work and wanted her to do the illustrations.
Amber first heard about A Duck Named Lily while she was at Johnson County High School, but it wasn’t until Ed Cook’s passing that Evelyn contacted her about doing the illustrations and the book’s final layout.
Amber, a graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta, says the illustration process for A Duck Named Lily took a little over a year. She has illustrated several books and is skilled in both electronic and traditional mediums.
Amber worked traditionally with Prismacolor Alcohol Markers and colored pencils for this book, using the markers to develop the base layer and shadows then refining with colored pencil.
“This book was quite a long time in the making,” Amber said, “but was very much worth it in the end.” “The story means a lot, especially to Evelyn and Ed, and I’m very grateful to both of them for choosing me to work on it.”
“This book is very important to me,” said Evelyn. “It brings back such wonderful memories of things that my husband and I experienced together.”
On December 3, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., a book signing event was held at the Johnson County Center for the Arts during its First Friday Community Show Opening. Evelyn and Amber enjoyed greeting visitors and answering their questions.
Keep your eyes open in 2022 for new projects from Amber and her mother, writer Linda Icenhour. They are working on a children’s book featuring adventures from Ambers’ father’s childhood.
You can purchase A Duck Named Lily at the Johnson County Center for the Arts’ gallery store in downtown Mountain City; through Amber Icenhour Calderon’s artist site, or several online book dealers.
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