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Veterans honored at Johnson County Senior Center

Veterans were honored at the Johnson County Senior Citizens Center on Thursday, November 9. With over 90 people in attendance, more than 30 veterans were honored for their service during the special lunchtime program.
Kathy Motsinger, Director of the Senior Citizens Center, extended greetings and a warm welcome to those in attendance. Retired Navy Veteran Don Payne gave the invocation. Junior Maze sang “The Battle Hymn of The Republic” followed by a recitation of “Ragged Old Flag” which Jackie Warden provided accompaniment.

Margaret Westphal and Nancy Wills, members of the newly formed Blue Ridge Mountains Daughters of the American Revolution chapter, expressed gratitude to the veterans and presented certificates of appreciation for their service to each veteran present. Hugh Walker, World War II veteran, at the age of 97 was the oldest veteran in attendance. Veterans honored included Stan Ahrens, Willie Arnold, Marvin Blair, Joe Cress, John Davis, Russell Dowell, Earl Farmer, Robert Glenn, Pat Green, Terry Hodge, Sanford, Humphrey, Willis Lewis, Ron Martin, Junior Maze, Derl McCloud, Bob Miller, Don Payne, Earl Payne, Edwin Price, Frank Price, Joe Ray, Herbert Rupard, Jack Swift, Wade Thomas, Ted Trivett, Hugh Walker, James Whitesell, Alf Wilson, and Don Wilson. Senior members who are veterans but were unable to attend the program include James Darocha, Nelson Diggs, John Forrester, Val Herod, Scott Johnson, Paul Payne and James Richards.
Jackie Warden sang “God Bless The USA” after veterans were honored for their service.